Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo Shoot Challenge - Week of Sept 27th

First off, I'm so sorry I forgot to post my challenge yesterday. I totally spaced it. Please forgive my preggo-brain. But, hopefully it was worth waiting for! :)

To start off with, I made a goal last year when my little Tanner turned 2 that I wanted to do a photo shoot each fall with the boys (both have fall birthdays so I decided that around their birthdays was a good time). Most of the pictures I take are candid shots and I wanted to improve my photography skills while making sure I have "good" pictures of the boys to look back on in years to come. So, last week, since it was the week after TanMan's birthday, I took the boys to the local arboretum and spent about an hour and a half taking "set up" and candid shots of them - capturing some really precious memories and having a lot of fun together. And as a bonus, *hopefully* I'm becoming a better photographer in the process. :)

So, your challenge is two-fold. First, I would like to challenge you to plan and execute a photo shoot. You don't have to make it a huge deal like I did (new shirts and away from the house), but I would like it to be a conscience effort to capture some memories, subject, etc.

Next, feel free to share some of your photo-shoot photos on our message board (www.paperposies.ning.com). (Not a requirement for the challenge.)

Last, share something you scrap using your photo-shoot photos. (Even I haven't done this yet...)

I realize this is a BIG challenge, so guess what?! - You have until the end of OCTOBER to complete it! And if we get lots of participation, maybe this challenge will have to have a prize of its own!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sneak Peeks of October's Kit

I really can't wait to show you ALL of October's kit. I LOVE it so much! But until I can, here are a few little sneaks:

A sneak from Sonda:

A sneak from Me:

So, what do YOU think this kit contains? Share your guesses with us and stay tuned until Friday 9/25 when the FULL kit goes live!

Challenge: Week of Sept 20 - USE PAINT!

This challenge is brought to you by September's guest designer, Erin Bassett:

Use paint on your page! Brush it on thick, feather it on lightly...or even just skip the brush and use your hand!

Here's her challenge sample:

Feel free to use any Paper Posies kit and share your creations with us by next Sunday 9/26. Have FUN and I can't see what kind of painting you all do! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Creative With Cardstock!

Good morning everyone! It's our favorite time of the week again... time for our weekly challenge here at Paper Posies. :)

I want you to think about your Paper Posies kits.... what makes them so great? Why do we look forward to that box every month? For me, it's the variety of patterned paper that goes together so well, and the double alphabets - LOVE those... and the ribbons and assorted embellies...mmmm, so fun to see how it'll all work together! But wait! There's another thing about these kits that I absolutely adore! It's the great assortment of CARDSTOCK in each kit! Right?

So, my challenge for you this week is this:

Look through your stash of Paper Posies kits (no matter how big or how small that may be). Pull out the cardstock! Use that cardstock to create a layout. For this challenge only ONE piece of patterned paper is allowed, but feel free to use as many different pieces of cardstock that you want - and whatever embellies you want.

For my sample layout I used the June 2010 kit. Yup, only one piece of patterned paper was used in this layout, but I was sneaky and used both sides of the paper. ;) I found that using border punches helped give the layout some extra texture and pattern... and adding some shapes and a few accents helped pull it all together too.

So, get busy, create with cardstock (and only ONE piece of patterned paper) and link or post your creations in the challenge thread in the PP forum by next Sunday night, Sept 19th at 11:59 pm. Remember, for every challenge you participate in, you'll get your name entered to win a super fabulous Paper Posies Prize!

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Inspiration Using Your September Kit

I hope that you have all received (or will soon receive) your September kits! Just in time for the weekend and all that scrapping you'll *hopefully* get to do, here's some more inspiration brought to you by our fabulous designers!

From Paper Posies designer, MaryAnn Metcalf:

From Guest Designer, Erin Bassett:

Please come on over to the message board (www.paperposies.ning.com) and share what YOU'RE doing with your September kit.

P.S. We even have a little weekend challenge going on - a SKETCH! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New "Size It Up" Monday Challenge

Hello from IOWA! Here is your weekly challenge from all the way across the country. :) Hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day!

Your challenge this week: Scrap a size you don't normally scrap. So if you're a typical 12x12 scrapper switch it up a bit and try a different size....8.5x11 or 8x8 or 6x12 or any size you want. ALSO, use the banner stickers/shapes in a new way besides for a BANNER. For my layout I cut a 12x12 sheet of the cream cardstock in half and scrapped my page. The banner pieces are cut out from the banner paper, using the back side, and placed under the title letters.

Now go grab your most recent Paper Posies kit and take on this challenge. Have your layout posted in the gallery by Sunday, September 12th to be eligible for a fabulous Paper Posies prize.

Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing all your layouts!