Tuesday, December 21, 2010

January 2011 Kit Sneak Peeks

Paper Posies is starting off the New Year right
with a another fabulous kit!
Just wait till you see the full reveal!

Kits will be LIVE on Monday, December 27th.
to hold you over here are a few peeks from the Design Team!


by Michele

By Patty

by Sonda

by MaryAnn

by Shemaine

by Melanie

A little peek of the altered project
by Melanie.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Challenge! 12/13 - 12/19/2010

Hi everyone. I'm bringing you this week's challenge. And it's a little predictable, considering the season. Hope you all don't mind. :) On my mind right now is Christmas cards and my math final. Since I couldn't figure out how to incorporate math into scrapbooking (I'm sure that I could have, but honestly it just seems wrong...). I decided to make my challenge all about making cards.

I have three examples to show you, using the December Paper Posies kit:

All three used most of the same papers from the kit, but with each one, I made it a different size and used different embellishments. So, my challenge to you is this:

Make at least TWO cards. Make each of them a different size or shape (I really want to make a circle card!). If you haven't received your December kit, that's okay - use any Paper Posies kit and make any kind of card for any occasion!

Load up your cards to the gallery and/or think us to them on the challenge thread by next Sunday, December 19th.

Have fun!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stocking Ornaments

Today we are making Christmas stocking ornaments!
These are a little more detailed than the snowflakes
but still easily to make.
You will need a stocking template.
Find one online
just trace a little stocking you already have onto paper.
And, you will need your Dec Kit of course! :)

Ok, let's get started......

You will need 2 pieces of paper approximately 5x7
(one cardstock and one pattern paper)

Stack papers on top of each other.
Do not adhere any of the papers together.
Trace a stocking shape on the pattern paper (use pencil)

Make sure the edges at the top are lined up before tracing.

Keeping the papers together stitch along the pencil line.

You dont have a sewing machine?? No worries...here are some alternative solutions....

You could poke holes and hand stitch.....

or use staples....

or use mini brads.....

or even just use a little bit of wet glue and allow to dry completely.
Be creative and use whatever your little heart desires.

After you've attached your papers cut out stocking shape with decorative scissors.
I used pinking shears here but you could use scallop, regular or any other shape.

It will look like this when you're finished cutting.

Now you've got to make your stocking look used and scuffed.
Paint the edges with some cream paint.
Get messy with this!
After it's dry rub some distressed ink along the edges.

Time to make the cuff.
Cut 2 strips of paper approx 1" and 1.25"
Scallop the edge if desired.
Or you could cut a wave or use other decorative scissors.
Adhere the larger cuff on the back and the shorter cuff on the front.

Cotton rounds are about $2 at Target. :)
Use whatever stuffing you have on hand.

Cut 4-5 rounds in half.

Fold each half round in half and stuff inside stocking.

Use tweezers or bone folder to push a few rounds into the bottom of the stocking.
You only want the stocking to puff a little bit so it "looks" like fabric. ;)

Now you're ready to seal it shut.
Apply some wet glue to the inside edge and press.
Let dry completely!
(these also make great gift card holders, leave open if desired.)

Add some glitter (stickles) to your cuff.

After it dries, punch a hole and thread thru some pretty ribbon.

Attach brad.

You could even add a punched shape under the brad for a more decorative look.


Stack and layer pattern papers and embellies of your choice.
Wrap around with ribbon and tie on a button.

Hang on your tree and enjoy!

I hope you'll make some stockings for your tree and friends this year.
Please share your lovely stockings with us in the gallery
by adding a link in the comments section.
Have fun!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowflake Ornaments!

 Hi Everyone!
Sonda here to bring you a fun ornament tutorial you can easily make for Christmas.
You can even get the kids involved! :)
So grab your Dec Kit and some empty toilet paper tubes
let's get started!

*You will need ONE tube per ornament.*
Smoosh the empty tube flat with your hands.
It doesn't have to be completely flat.

Cut the flat tube into 5 pieces approximately all the same width.
Just eyeball it.

You'll end up with 5 "petals".

Now the fun and messy part begins.
Paint the petals inside and then outside.
Let dry.
I really like how the edges flip up.
It's messy, remember? hee hee
(or use spray paint. Just use whatever you have on hand.)

See how messy they are?
Some of the kraft tube color is showing through.
Some of the edges have come away from the tube.
You want them to look like that. :)

When you're done painting you're fingers should look like THIS! LOL :)

Pinch all the petals so you can see the tips well.
Then, place them together to form a star shape.
(there's even a star shape in the middle)

Start gluing the petals together one side at a time.
Use clips if you want.
Let dry thoroughly.
(or use a hot glue gun or staples)

After the glue is dry you will see this.
Some of the petals are higher than the others.
That's ok too......

...just flip it over so you can use the even side to embellish.
Remember, it's Handmade not Hallmark. :)

Now the fun embellishing begins.
Adhere a large circle (approx 2") to the center
some silver glitter (stickles) to the petal edges.

See the glitter on the "edges" of the petals?
Use your 2" circle as your embellishment zone.
Add as much or as little to it as you'd like.

Layer embellishments and use pop dots for depth.
See the depth?

Wrap some ribbon or cord around for extra hold.

Poke 2 holes in the top and thread twine.
Now you're finished and ready to hang on your tree. :)

Please share your lovely decorated snowflake ornaments with us in the gallery
by adding a link in the comments section.
I can't wait to see them!

Have fun!