Monday, November 1, 2010

Thankful Challenge

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Im here to bring you another weekly challenge. I know the November kits are not in your hands yet but they will be soon!! You can start thinking now about how you want to use it. :)  This week I want you to think about what you are thankful for. Think beyond the family and friends...try to think about things that wouldn't come to mind right away.

For my layout here I chose to use a photo I shot over my shoulder. See my sleeve there in the corner? I just thought it would be cool to take a shot of what was behind me. We were leaving the canyon at the time and it was my way of saying goodbye to the awesomeness before me. I can't even begin to tell you how far down it was. Way too far!!

I kept thinking I am so very thankful for colored vision. Can you even imagine looking at this in black and white? No? Well take a look at what it would look like without color! The blue sky & canyon is now grey and dreary. What a difference huh?

This week I want you to create a layout about what you are thankful for and include some things you might not normally think of. Use any Paper Posies Kit you have and place your image in the gallery before next Sunday, November 7th to be entered in the Paper Posies prize pack drawing. Michele always has great prizes to giveaway each month!

I'll be back with another thankful post mid-month. I think you'll like it. :) For now.... be Thankful!


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  1. I just uploaded my take on the challenge to the paper Posies gallery. I am thankful for my morning coffee, I added a piece of the coffeepackage on the bottom right, something I normally wouldnt put on a page;)*0igJ9YACB*elJntaO7*dZ7Osz8LL-zFNavfN*0wohrDnUI6UiXZ3XXAsa2Oc/003_crop.jpg?width=595&height=600

    hugs Benita