Monday, November 22, 2010

December Sneak Peek #3

Hi again! It's me here to bring you the last peek before the December kits go live on Wednesday, November 24th. Yes, a whole day earlier than usual since Thanksgiving is on the 25th and no doubt we will all be spending time with family and friends. Make sure you stalk the home page for the latest update. I cant wait for you all to see it in FULL VIEW! Get yourself ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorites to use at Christmas time is silver. Silver glitter, silver anything. It adds just the right amount of sparkle!

I'm also going to leave you with this awesome peek from Michele partly because of the most gorgeous cranberry trim I have ever seen and partly because she used those favorite alphas of mine. :)  (see that little snowflake...oh ya, that's felt!! oh la la) 

Ok, I've given you all enough peeks for now. Hopefully you can all wait until Wednesday to see the WHOLE thing. I'll be back soon to post a photo of the kit along with our prize winner so make sure to leave a comment!!!!!!!!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Oh my that trim is breath taking :O

  2. I can't wait to get my crafty little hands on this kit (and those alphas, and that flower ribbon, and those felt embellies!). :o)

  3. I love Christmas and I can't wait for this kit. It looks beautiful!!!

  4. AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!! I LOVE this kit and can't wait to see it in its entirety!!! I LOVE the holidays and do lots of fun things with the kids (even though they are all teenagers)-candy cane lane, cookie house decorating, Santa brunch....this will be PERFECT! I love the sparkle and the magic of Christmas-just from the peeks this kit seems to have it all!!! :)
    Oops-this posted under my daughters account! (Mara Carieri)

  5. Mmmmmmm, mmmm . . . this kit looks fab! LOVE the trim and the letters. Wow--a must have!

  6. Wonderful kit, fabulous trim and just the perfect alphas.

  7. Now I am even more in love with this kit!! Those red letters are definitly one of My favorite things! <3