Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo Shoot Challenge - Week of Sept 27th

First off, I'm so sorry I forgot to post my challenge yesterday. I totally spaced it. Please forgive my preggo-brain. But, hopefully it was worth waiting for! :)

To start off with, I made a goal last year when my little Tanner turned 2 that I wanted to do a photo shoot each fall with the boys (both have fall birthdays so I decided that around their birthdays was a good time). Most of the pictures I take are candid shots and I wanted to improve my photography skills while making sure I have "good" pictures of the boys to look back on in years to come. So, last week, since it was the week after TanMan's birthday, I took the boys to the local arboretum and spent about an hour and a half taking "set up" and candid shots of them - capturing some really precious memories and having a lot of fun together. And as a bonus, *hopefully* I'm becoming a better photographer in the process. :)

So, your challenge is two-fold. First, I would like to challenge you to plan and execute a photo shoot. You don't have to make it a huge deal like I did (new shirts and away from the house), but I would like it to be a conscience effort to capture some memories, subject, etc.

Next, feel free to share some of your photo-shoot photos on our message board (www.paperposies.ning.com). (Not a requirement for the challenge.)

Last, share something you scrap using your photo-shoot photos. (Even I haven't done this yet...)

I realize this is a BIG challenge, so guess what?! - You have until the end of OCTOBER to complete it! And if we get lots of participation, maybe this challenge will have to have a prize of its own!

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