Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Challenge 5/10/10

Good Monday morning everyone!

Monday's are great days here at Paper Posies, because it means it's the day for a new challenge to start!

As you probably know by now, I'm basing all of my challenges this year out of the book 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner. It's a great book for inspiration in several different areas of scrapbooking and each month I'm focusing on the next chapter and one specific challenge from that section. This month, the section is "Journaling." For some of us, it's the center point of our scrapping. For others, it's a little more of a challenge to get those words down. I know it's sometimes a struggle to be unique and meaningful in my journaling, but as I look back at past scrapbooks I always turn to the journaling first to see what the page is all about. Do you do that also? It helps me in my current books to want to make my journaling more meaningful.

Okay, on to the challenge! The challenge I chose this month is found on page 116 of the book. It's challenge number 38,

"Play Favorites or Explore Unique Qualities"

In this section Elizabeth states: "It's always fascinating to read about people's favorites or unique characteristics. Journal about someone and the things that make her happy or special. It's guaranteed to make you laugh or smile."

My challenge to you then is to scrap a page, focusing on journaling with an emphasis on a favorite(s) or unique quality about the person or item in the photographs. Feel free to focus on one person if you'd like - or maybe a group of people and show how they're alike, yet different. You could even scrap different pictures of yourself over the years and show how you have changed and where you're at today. It's up to you!

For my sample layout, I chose to focus on my youngest son. He's a great kid, at a great age right now and I wanted to focus on his favorites right now. As you can see, some of the questions are blank - I finished up the page this morning and needed to wait until he got home to fill in the blanks! I could probably guess on most of them, but I wanted to wait to make sure it was accurate! Anyway, I used a current picture of him and listed some of his favorites along with a spot for his hope for the future. I used the April '10 PP kit. :)

Please remember the following:
*Use a Paper Posies kit. Any kit is okay, it doesn't have to be the most current one.
*Upload your creation either in the gallery here or in another location, but link us to it here on this thread.
*Deadline to participate in this challenge is Sunday, March 16th at midnight, PST.

Have fun!

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