Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Golden Tickets!!!! 5th Anniversary Party

So, this is the year of Golden Tickets and since it's our 5th Anniversary, there are 5 of these in YOUR kits. I had a non-member, 3rd party person put the tickets in 5 of the May packages (yes, I know too much about the order shipped and who's usually goes out first and blah, blah, blah - I couldn't do it because I can't be biased - LOL)

There are several different "prizes" found in these Golden Tickets. I can't wait to see who are winners are and what they're getting!!!

Come on over to to join us in partying! The party starts this Friday, May 14th at 3pm PST with an online crop and continues through Saturday, May 22nd. There will be tons of challenges, prizes, chats, games and fun! You don't have to be a Paper Posies member to join in - ALL are welcome. So grab some friends and head on over!!!!


  1. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Sadly...I am not a winner...but how COOL!!!!

  2. it's getting exciting waiting to see what fun things are in store for us!!!