Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Things I Love... Challenge (Week of May 24th)

Ladies, I HOPE you're not all challenged out from the last week of so many great challenges and partying because here's our normal weekly challenge!!!

Your challenge this week is to create a layout with the title "10 Things I Love _________" (you fill in the blank here). I chose to do mine on 10 Things I Love About Being "Mom". Your's can be whatever you'd like it to be about, just remember this is part of the "ME challenge" series so just make sure you make this challenge about YOU! Some other topics I thought would be fun: 10 Things I Love... *about being a Grandma, * about being the boss, *about being a Christian, *about being goofy, *about being the go-to girl, *about sleeping in, *about the weekend, *about [where I live], etc! There are SO many possibilities!

Have fun, use ANY Paper Posies kit, and complete the challenge by Sunday, May 30th.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I am making a list right now....10 things i love about..............this is a good one! THANKS!